New Wardens and Parish Councilors

We take this opportunity to welcome our Wardens and Councilors for 2015.

Wardens:                    Yogi Moodley and Grant Titus

Alt Warden:                Michael Gould

Parish Councilors:     Ashlene Smith, Tania Titus, Beverley Samuels, Irma Abrahams, Mortimer Solomons, Joy Abrahams, Sandra van Eeden.

Synod Reps:              Yogi Moodley and Oral Accom


Yogi Moodley (Worship)

Tania Titus (Stewardship)

Beverley Samuels (Evangelism)

Sue Wydeman (Education)

Ashlene Smith (Social Responsibility)

Irma Abrahams (Pastoral Care)