To ensure that our care of all people is acceptable in God’s eye. Having compassion for starving people and for those who suffer from social injustice and also a special sense of mission to the poor and oppressed people.

Social Responsibility at St Faiths Anglican Church, Plumstead is progressively reaching a level whereby we, as a church, are taking the initiative to undertake our vision statement. i.e. is to grow into an even more loving and caring community where we will accept all; proclaim justice and freedom with peace, love and joy.

We have learnt that the poor we will always have with us, as Jesus said, however it is not only the physical hunger that we need to aid but also to offer our support to those who are weak, oppressed, abused, and provide a haven where people can be assured that they have a place that they are welcomed to without being subjected to any form of discrimination or infliction.

Operationally, we have a number of programmes that we champion on a weekly basis and then also during specific times throughout the year. These include soup kitchens, jersey and blanket drive; we are also thrilled to be in a position in which our Parish renders help to some of the Diocesan initiatives e.g. Fikelela.

We are very fortunate at St Faiths to have parishioners that faithfully contribute monetarily towards the various social responsibility commitments; we will only be delighted to have more helping hands so that we can be more effective in our endeavours. Often we partner with the Pastoral Care team especially in cases where counselling is needed for an individual.

“Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand”

-       Mother Teresa