Caring for others has always been at the heart of the church life and being trained to listen. Having the responsibility to pastorally care for the people in our church and our community, for in 1 Peter 5 we read that the bible speaks of the church having the responsibility of tending the flock which God has given us.

This portfolio covers the wellness of the Parish in which the focus point is on the Parishioner. We have faithful and diligent caregivers who give selflessly of their time & love to see to the needs of those who are not in a position to help themselves.

We help with the feeding of the patients @ Lady Michaelis hospital every alternate Tuesday.  These people need to eat something before taking their medication. It’s not just physical nutrition, but God’s word is also shared, so as to fill their spiritual hunger and provide a source of encouragement and a sense of that someone does care about them.

The visits to Freedom Park & Parkwood Clinic on Wednesdays’.is an ongoing & growing campaign. We find ourselves with too little hands as the totals of destitute & needy people are rising to an alarming number. We never have enough to give to these people who depend so much on our donations.  

The other functions in our portfolio are visits to the housebound, ill or hospitalised parishioners, as well as communion given to them. This is administered regularly by our Rector Fr. Basil & his team of lay ministers.

Our team of ladies in the Women’s Guild are also a blessing. This ministry has grown & consists of a few young ladies who are quite willing to learn from their more seasoned leaders. They are always willing to assist whenever they are called upon, i.e.: funerals, in-house functions or any social gathering.

They have also “adopted” the St.Anne’s Home for destitute & abused mothers & children in Woodstock. Once a quarter they have devotion & they interact with the women & children. This really is such a blessed time spent with the ladies at the Home. Spiritually, we receive more than them because it brings home the fact that we live a life enriched in God’s love. We are happy to spread His love & His word. The monthly meetings are also a time for fellowship & drawing closer to God.

Parishioners of St Faiths are very faithful & forthcoming when contributions are requested. We are very blessed to have such faithful servants involved in this part of the vineyard.

Matthew 7:12 Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you