Thank you Cindy Smith

On the Eve of Youth Day we, as a parish, want to say thank you to Cindy Smith for the role that she has played in nurturing the many young people in the faith over the past years. Cindy as taken up a post as a community youth worker at the YMCA in Athlone and as stepped down as our Youth Leader.  Thank you Cindy for your love for God and for God's young people, we wish you well as God calls you to continue to care for his young people in the communities of Athlone. God Bless.



Will be going to Green Point Park on Friday 2nd May which is a school holiday. We will depart from Church at 12pm. Each person is invited to bring along a picnic basket. We would like to invite the parents of the Junior Youth as well. We also would like to encourage parents to assist with lifts for those who do not have one.     More information and Indemnity forms are available from Cindy Smith. 


FSH Youth Camp 2013

 Twenty four of our youth together with six adults went away on a 3 day camp to Simonsberg Christian Centre near Stellenbosch.  They partnered with CBF leaders.  This was the first youth camp for St Faith’s Church and from all reports a glorious time was had by all.  Thanks to Arlene and Nick Haupt for being the “House Parents”.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is “THANK YOU”,  it will be enough.