Our Vision: 

Is to grow into an even more loving and caring community where we will accept all; proclaim justice and freedom with Peace, Love and Joy.

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Did you know?

Our church, was named after the French Saint Faith Aquitaine, who lived circa 304 as legend has it, had been asked to renounce her Faith but refused, so she was therefore martyred.

The ladies of the congregation who chose this name said it was built by Faith so that is how YOUR church was named.


Our church is a very distinctive, family orientated, buoyant and multi-cultural integrated community. We have a broad and diverse congregation both in terms of its focus and membership.

There always seems to be a lot happening. We believe that God still has much to teach us, we don’t always agree with each other and we certainly have a lot to still learn. By God’s direction and guidance, we trust that our busy-ness will be streamlined in accordance to our vision, the diocesan mission statement, all to the purpose and glory of God. The current morale amongst those who attend our fellowship is high and there is a real sense of excitement about the future.

Many years ago before St. Faith’s was built, All Saints Plumstead was a larger parish with churches in Parkwood, Ottery, Grassy Park and Lotus River under their authority. The Rector at the time was the Rev. W. Gregorowski, father of Bishop Christopher Gregorowski. He noticed that there was a need for a church in Plumstead East to service this area including Southfield and he encouraged a group of women to start raising funds for this purpose, unfortunately before Rev. Gregorowski could complete the task he was moved to Kalk Bay so it was left to his successor the Rev. Ray Jule to complete the task.

The extention group, as it was called, raised the funds by having cake sales, knitted garments and of course with the generous help of the Diocese, in March 1969 the building process began. In December the same year, the Church was completed and the consecration service took place. At that time, St Faiths Church was a Pastoral Charge of All Saints Church, Plumstead. Our Church, named after the French saint Faith Aquitaine who lived in Circa 304 as legend has it, had been asked to renounce her faith but refused so she was therefore martyred. The ladies who had given this name said it was built by Faith and that is how our church came to be.

The first priest in charge of the chapelry of St Faith’s was the Reverent John Green and his wife Gill followed by the Rev. John Ash who both laid down the basis of the church that was starting to grow slowly but surely.

After the Rev. John Ash returned to England who in his term of office, we saw the construction of the rectory at St. Faith’s by one of the congregation who was a builder and offered his services free except for the cost of the material. In November 1991 the priest in charge, the Revd Mervyn Moore, Director Chaplin Service in the SA Navy offered to look after the congregation until an appointment was made. Six months later the church council asked the Bishop to appoint him as a self supporting priest-in-charge. The Bishop concurred and in June 1992 he was appointed in that capacity.

It soon became evident that the Church needed to be enlarged to accommodate the increase in people attending services.  After lengthy negotiations with the Diocesan Authorities a faculty was eventually granted whereby certain areas of the church could be converted into Sunday School classrooms and for a hall to be built. While the parish was able to finance the internal alterations, a bond for R150 000,00 payable over twenty years had to be raised. The Plumstead branch of Standard Bank of SA granted a bond and the new hall was completed in January 1997. With a great deal of enthusiasm the congregation raised sufficient funds to settle the bond account in five years. 

In 2001 Revd Mervyn Moore was offered and accepted an overseas posting with the SA Navy in Singapore and it became necessary to have a new Rector. The Rev. Horace Arendz was proposed and after meeting with the Church Wardens of St Faith’s he was accepted. He commenced his duties as Rector in November 2001. Plans were drawn up for a hall, complete with two offices to utilise the only available space on church property where at the time a disused wendy-house stood. Drawings were produced and quotes were obtained, drawings and quote of R400 000-00 approved in January 2005 and after a “site clearing day” by parishioners the building commenced in March 2005.

Prayerfully the church went forth in faith and together with their investments held with the Diocesan, activated the access bond clause on the original bond of R150 000-00. A plea was made to the congregation for donations and where possible interest free loans of R2000-00, to be paid back over a period of three years, which was enthusiastically supported. The building was completed in 2005 and blessed by Bishop Geoff Quinlan on 31 July 2005. The parish continues to be economically viable and is debt free of the access bond.

Rev. Horace Arendz due to personal circumstances moved on to a new parish in 2006.

In recent years, as a result of a fervent desire to see growth, both spirituality and numerically within the church, we have wanted to have a more flexible and user-friendly environment for those within the church and the wider community, and there has been gradual redevelopment. Many of our activities have benefited from this.



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